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Flower Farming Fall 2017


In the Fall, I put down more compost.  This summer was the first time I planted flowers in the second field so the field needed some more improvement.

My soil tests came back with a pH of 6.8 which is great for flowers.  I still need to keep adding organic matter to the soil.  Compost helps a lot but I am going to try to use buckwheat as a cover crop when possible in the summer.

silage tarps

Silage tarps help with weed suppression and erosion.


flower farming

I have yarrow, snap dragons, and queen’s anne lace planted in the field which are all cool flowers.  I put mulch on top of my tuberose plants to protect them from freezing temperatures.

Flower Farming Summer 2017


ABC White Lisianthus that I planted in March from plugs that I purchased from Raker through Germania Seed.  They bloomed in July.  The florists loved lisianthus.


ABC Purple Lisianthus that I planted in March from plugs.  Lisianthus blooms have a great vase life.


Arena III Apricot lisianthus that I grew from seed.  They are very slow growing and take 3 months before they have their 3rd and 4th true leaves so that you can plant them outside.


Flower delivery of ageratum, tuberose, lisianthus, celosia, and sunflowers.


Sunflower sales really picked up from August through October.  Florists gave me several large orders due to weddings.

This was my first year growing dahlias.  I fell in love with them and so did florists.


Dahlias started blooming in July with short stems.  You just keep them cut back and by August I had longer stems.  Dahlias bloomed from August to the beginning of October.

celosia cockscomb

Celosia Chief had so many beautiful colors.  They were easy to grow from seed.


This is Colorado pastel mix yarrow that I grew from seed.

The weather really affects blooming of sunflowers.  When it was hot, they bloomed within 45 days.  When the weather cooled down a little, it took 55 days to bloom.