Honey Bees Spring 2018

backyard bee keeping

At one point last year, we had five hives.  My husband caught a swarm in June so we had to put together another hive box.  He made a stand also.  This hive is the first one in the picture which we call “Swarm”.   In 2017, the other hives either swarmed or just up and left for no reason.

bee inspection

This picture above was taken last month.  Swarm is the only hive we have left.  The hive is so full of bees.  The queen is awesome.  She is  laying a lot of flat brood, so we will have a lot of female worker bees.  The  top boxes were full of bees and brood.  The bottom box had very little activity so we rotated the boxes so now the bottom box is on top.  This should encourage the hive to move upwards so they do not swarm.  We also added a super for honey.  This should give them a lot of space and keep them busy.  We are not purchasing any packages this year.  We are hoping Swarm will stay here.  We hope to catch another swarm this year.  Beekeeping is very challenging!

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