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Growing Heirloom Mums

Apricot Alexis heirloom mum
Apricot Alexis, intermediate incurve

King’s Mums in Oklahoma opened their website for orders this week. I ordered many new varieties for this year. I am trying some quills, reflex, and spider cultivars in addition to some decoratives and incurves. Last year, I grew Seatons Je’ Dore, Apricot Alexis, Coral Charm, and Honeyglow. King’s Mums ships rooted cuttings to you in early spring. Apricot Alexis was gorgeous. She has that dramatic look like a dahlia. The color is hard to describe as it has an amazing bronze tone.

Honeyglow heirloom mums, growing chrysanthemums,
Honeyglow, decorative class.

Honeyglow was the first to bloom in my cutting garden. The plants are highly productive and grows well as a spray. This is a great color for the fall.

Seaton's Je Dore heirloom mus
Seaton’s Je’Dore, decorative class.

I sell to local florists, and they loved Seaton’s Je’ Dore. The pink color is so eye-catching! The stems of these mums are very sturdy and hold up well out in my cut flower field.

Coral Charm heirloom mum
Coral Charm, decorative class.

Coral Charm was very productive and has a great fall color. I do not disbud as much as I should but these grew nicely as a spray.

I will receive the rooted cuttings in March. I will pot the plants up in 6″ to 8” pots. As they grow, I can take some cuttings to increase the number of plants. I will not be planting them in the field until May when there is no threat of frost. I will be spacing them 12″ apart. If you are limited in space, you can grow them in pots. My plants did grow to 3 to 4 feet.

King’s Mums have growing instructions and growing tips on their website. They do recommend pinching your tall cultivar plants if they are over 10″ tall on July 1st. They do need some kind of support. I use hortonova netting as that is what I have on hand. I add a 2nd layer on hortonova netting later in the season. In October and November, they will surprise you with such beautiful blooms. A light frost can damage the flower buds so you will need to cover them. If you overwinter your plants, you will need to mulch the plants heavily. I do not worry about overwintering the plants even in my zone 7. I just dig up a couple plants of each variety and overwinter them in my basement. In January, I will place them in a warm room. As they grow, I will take cuttings.

I cannot believe I have not been growing these flowers sooner. They are so gorgeous. If you are not growing heirloom mums, you may want to give them a try. They are not your average chrysanthemum. We need to bring back these forgotten heirloom flowers.