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Bluebird Trail

Peterson Bluebird house

We are lucky to have a lot of Eastern bluebirds here at the farm.  We now have 5 bluebird houses on the farm.  They are around 300 feet apart.  We use the Peterson slanted bluebird nest box as house sparrows do not seem to like the slanted front entrance.  We also use a baffle on the pole to deter snakes and other climbing predators.

bluebird trail

It may be hard to see but this house has a mountain view.  You can see the Sauratown mountains at the end of our driveway.  This house is located next to an apple tree.  The bluebirds will be able to go back and forth from the tree to the house.

bluebird trail

This bluebird house is located at the beginning of our back woods.  This house has a very quiet setting.  The bluebirds will roost in these houses at night during the winter to get out of the cold weather.  I cannot wait until spring to see how many bluebirds nest in all the nest boxes.  Bluebirds usually have 2 broods per season.

Monarch Chrysalis & Caterpillars

Monarch caterpillars

We have a lot of milkweed planted on the farm.  Starting in September, we started to see Monarch caterpillars all over the milkweed plants.


We have different varieties of Asclepias planted such as tuberosa, incarnata, curassavica, and syriaca.  Below are some pictures of the chrysalis that we found throughout the farm.


You can see the Monarch butterfly developing.


Monarch chrysalis attached to sunflower leaves.


Monarch chrysalis attached to flower netting.


Monarch chrysalis on the deer fencing brace.

Monarch chrysalis on deer fencing

Monarch chrysalis on deer fencing.

monarch chrysalis

Monarch chrysalis on deer fencing.

monarch chrysalis

Monarch chrysalis on deer fencing.

Monarch chrysalis

Monarch chrysalis attached to a weed by the deer fencing.

monarch chrysalis on a sunflower leaf

Monarch chrysalis attached to a sunflower leaf.

monarch chrysalis

Monarch chrysalis on the deer fencing with the cut flower garden in the background.

monarch chrysalis

We found monarch chrysalis attached to several of our flower stakes in the field.